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FAQs - Marriage
  • To Apply for a Marriage License for Individuals who are 18 years of age and older, at least one party must appear in person at the Clerk of District Court's office with a copy of a driver's license or a form of picture identification for both individuals.

  • There is a 3-day waiting period once application is submitted before you can pick up the marriage license.

  • A Marriage Worksheet is provided for completion at the time of application.

  • All information on the Marriage Worksheet must be completed and returned after the 3-day waiting period. Both parties must sign the worksheet.

  • Either person may pick up the license. A fee of $85.50 is paid at this time. Cash, debit or credit cards are accepted. We do not have change, so please bring exact amount if paying in cash.

  • The license is issued and you may have your ceremony performed anywhere within the State of Kansas within 6 months of the date of issuing the marriage license.

  • After the marriage ceremony, the original marriage license is returned to the Court for recording. You may obtain a certified copy of your marriage license once you present your driver's license or some form of picture identification. The first certified copy is free. Any additional certified copies will be $1.25 each.

  • You may also obtain a copy of your marriage license through the Office of Vital Statistics in Topeka, Kansas.

Contact your local Clerk of the District Court's Office and they can direct you to the judges that perform marriage ceremonies.


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In the State of Kansas, an individual may not marry either within or outside of the State of Kansas for a period of 30 days after the Decree of Divorce has been filed.

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